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From a Unique Website, To a Third-party System Integration, and Automated Data Mining, We Can Help.

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Vampeo guarantees that the quality of our websites, web applications, and mobile apps are competitive with the highest on the market. The development process should be ... Read More


Need to interact with a third party system? We are experts in integration with other platforms. One of the best ways to distinguish you from your competition is to increase ... Read More

Data Mining

There is a large amount of data available relating to just about every field imaginable. The problem is how to find the relevant data and use it effectively. Vampeo has invested ... Read More

Current Project


We are finally building what everyone has been waiting for: a fully open-source project management system with the appearance and functionality of an enterprise-level product.
We call it Zookeeper, a virtual portal that manages your company, startup, or freelance work.

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